We are an Online Business Community Portal where businessman, entrepreneurs, inventors, manufacturer and innovators can expose their products and services among them and do business among each other through our state of the art system which consists of the most common and required system to manage business transaction as well as manage their resources. The common business systems available are Content Management System, Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order, Accounting, Purchase Order, Vendor Management, e-commerce, Human Resource Management (HRM), Project Management (PM), Membership Management and many more….

We also have industry specific system such as Facility Management (FM), Hotel Management System and College Management System.

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The system can also be expanded with some of its functionality into Mobile Applications for public user as well as community members (Business Community Members).

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The System is very flexible and configurable to meet all customer needs. It can also be personalized and above all it is also customizable in order to increase customer experience.



Within the same environment all the system can be easily integrated to provide seamless process within the same company or among companies. It allows company with multiple branches to monitor their subsidiaries or branches all over the world. It can also be integrated with external system depending on customer needs.



With all the products and services available in the same environment, our procurement system will allow the consumer (company) to search for their best services and products with the best price available.

Using our ecommerce system, the public user can search for their required product and buy online. The e-commerce system is integrated with POS system, accounting system and customer relation management (CRM) system.

We also have booking system that will allow you to do facility booking such as badminton court, seminar room, hall, projector and etc. Using this system, public user can search availabilities of the product with given date, time and location.


The system are develop for cloud computing enable which allow shareable technology resources which in the end reduce tremendous implementation cost that allow it to be charge as rental base application. This concept is best solution for a new company with limited capital and also for company that need to reduce their IT cost and spread it throughout the years.


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Join our business community to benefits from our ready, configurable and customizable business system, integrated business system / application, online business networking 24 by 7, mobile apps expandable, online business monitoring from where ever you are and best support from our expert team globally.

Join our business community portal which opens opportunities for you and your business. We are very sure you will not regret


 List of system @ Applications

eDirectory, eFacility Booking, Content Management System (CMS), Customer Relationship Management (CRM), Sales Order, Accounting, Purchase Order, Vendor Management, e-commerce, Human Resource Management (HRM), Project Management (PM), Membership Management, Document Management System, Asset Management, Manufacturing Resource Planning (MRP), eLearning, eGovernment, Hotel Management System, Facility Management (FM) System, College / University Management System, School Management System, eAccident, eAcademy, eAttendance, eCalendar, eClaims, Company Secretary Management System, eComplaint, eContractor, Digital Signage, eBidding, eBlog, eCatalog, eClassifieds, eHelpDesk, eLection, Deposit Management System, Trust Account Management System, Event Management, eFiling, Grant Management System, Individual Education Planning, eJob, Knowledge Management System, eKoperasi, eLeave, eLetter, eLibrary, Location Base Advertisement, eMeeting, eGalery, ePayrol, ePenalClinic, ePettyCash, eZakat, ePlacement, Point of Sales, eProcurement, eProfile, eProperty, eRanking, eRecord, eRecruitment, eResearch